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Herttua Hotel & Spa

Herttua Hotel and Spa is a resort surrounded by lakes and nature. Located in the Village of Kermimaki which is only about 20 minutes’ drive to the City of Savonlinna. Accommodation options for every customer, from Economy Rooms, to Superior Rooms to Suites with private sauna. Restaurant where you may choose between Nature or Party terrace, Spa with large swimming pool, private beach, hiking trails, boat rides, kayaking or bike rides
are just few options that await you.

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Our hotel has a total of 82 clean and well-equipped, mostly double rooms, each of which has a lake view of Puruveti. Each room has its own bathroom.


The hotel offers many recreational opportunities. Activities vary depending on the season. There are options for both independent guests and those who need guided activities.

Our relaxing saunas

You can choose between smoke sauna hidden in the woods or choose our spa saunas and take dip in the swimming pool or nearby lake right from the beach.

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Restaurant, karaoke, disco nights and outdoor terrace

Herttua Restaurant invites you to relax after spending time outdoors or at the Opera. You may choose to sit on our Nature Terrace where you can relax and enjoy sounds of nature. Alternatively, you may try our Party Terrace where
music never ends! Restaurant holds Karaoke nights and Disco nights when you are into something more fun.

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Things to see in Kerimärki and Savonlinna



Special offers for accommodation, transportation and opera

Herttua Hotel and Spa offers limited amount of packages that includes hotel accommodation with breakfast, transportation to the Opera and back and tickets to the Opera.

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